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Prices reduced through November by 20% - 33% on most trigger kits and modular system kits!


ICs and Semiconductors


These are the chips and semiconductors used in our kits.


Click on any image for a larger view.

EC103D Silicon-controlled rectifier (400 V, 0.8 A)
This is the output stage used in our breadboard kits. The SCR serves as an electronic switch.

 EC103D - $0.84

TYN408 Silicon-controlled rectifier, high current (400 V, 8 A)
This SCR can be used in place of the previous one for higher current applications.

 TYN408 - $0.75


PN2222A NPN transistor
This is a general-purpose switching transistor.

 PN2222A - $0.10
2N2222 transistor


This MOSFET is used in our AstroSplash unit.

IRL620 - $2.25


These general-purpose diodes are used in our AstroSplash unit.


1N4001 - $0.19

1N4004 - $0.19

For PC sockets for the chips below, see PCB Parts.

555 Single timer
The 555 timer is used in our photogates.

 555 - $0.60

555 timer


556 Dual timer
The 556 timer is used in our delay timers.

 556 - $0.75

556 timer

LM386 amplifier

The LM386 amplifier is used in our SK3 Sound Triggers.

LM386 - $1.50
LM386 amplifier
PS2501 optocouplers with transistor output
PS2501 optocoupler PS2501 optocoupler Quad optocoupler
Single Double Quad

The PS2501-type optocoupler is used for optical isolation in triggering a camera. It has a non-latching, transistor output that can be triggered repeatedly without need of being reset. This optocoupler can also be used with flash units having low-voltage terminals (<80 V). Select single, double, or quad below.


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