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Two new articles posted: Using a 10-turn pot with a delay unit

and Selecting a flash unit for high-speed photography


Multi-Trigger 3 Kit, assembly required

MT3i / MT3v


For MT3 accessories, click here.

Multi-Trigger 2 control box

Control box above; cables below

Microphone cable Variable-width photogate cable Interrupter photogate cable
Microphone Variable-width photogate
(for the MT3v)
Interrupter photogate
(for the MT3i)

The Multi-Trigger 3 (MT3) is an upgrade from the Multi-Trigger 2. Improvements include greater ease of use, an additional 4 outputs on the lid of the box for camera and flash, elimination of the focus/review switches for the camera shutter, pulse outputs for diagnostic purposes, and a one-sheet label designed specifically for the MT3. The MT3 has all the same functions as the previous model. These include:

  • all components hard-wired for durability
  • operates either on a 9V battery or an optional 120-240 VAC to 9 VDC adapter
  • LEDs to indicate power on, photogate alignment, and event triggering
  • test button to produce output pulses without a sensor cable connected
  • inputs for microphone and photogate sensors as well as external triggers
  • selector for microphone or photogate input
  • fine (up to 0.05 s) and coarse (up to 0.5 s) delay adjustments
  • selector for one of two delay ranges (0 to 0.5 s or 0 to 0.05 s)
  • continously-variable timeout setting up to 1 s
  • instant and delayed optically-isolated outputs

The MT3 kit includes all the parts for the (i) control box, (ii) the microphone cable, and (iii) one of the two types of photogate cable. The MT3i version of the kit includes parts for the interrupter-type photogate. This is version you would choose if you were, for example, using the MT3 in conjunction with the AstroSplash Drop Controller to capture drop collisions. If, on the other hand, you need a photogate cable with variable width for larger objects, you would select the MT3v version.


If you want both types of photogate cable, you can order the second type from the MT3 accessories page. Also see the accessories page to order the optional 9V AC/DC adapter.


The Multi-Trigger 3 kit with control box and sensor cables requires assembly. Experience in wiring, soldering, and troubleshooting electrical circuits is assumed. Here are the assembly instructions.


Additional information:

Select below the version with the photogate that you prefer.


$69.95 - Multi-Trigger 3 Kit (interrupter photogate option) - MT3i, assembly required


$69.95- Multi-Trigger 3 Kit (variable-width photogate option) - MT3v, assembly required


What else is needed

  • A trigger cable is needed to connect a flash unit or wireless transceiver to the Multi-Trigger 3.
  • In order to trigger a camera shutter, you need a shutter cable.

Flash Trigger Cable Kit (PC to 3.5mm)

This cable kit is for connecting the outputs of a Multi-Trigger 3 to a flash unit. The flash trigger cable kit includes a connector for the flash, a 3.5mm mono plug, 3-ft of 2-conductor cable, and heat-shrink tubing. Assembly is required. This trigger cable is intended for connection either to flash units that have a standard PC jack or to a hot shoe adapter with a PC jack. If your flash unit is one of the Vivitar models 283, 285HV, or 3700, you'll need a Vivitar PC-1 cord to connect to your flash unit. Click here for one possible source. If you're triggering your flash wirelessly or your flash unit has a 3.5mm synch jack, see this page for 3.5mm cables.

PC flash trigger cord PC flash trigger cord

PC cable kit - $4.95

(parts, unassembled)

PC cable

(after assembly)

Flash trigger cable kit (PC to 3.5mm) -- $4.95


Camera shutter cables

Select the shutter cable for your camera below. See the list of compatible cameras here.

Canon 80N3 cable with adapter Nikon MC30 cable with adapter Nikon MCDC2 cable with adapter
Canon 80N3 Nikon MC30 Nikon MCDC2
Canon 60E3 cable 3.5mm male-female extension cable 3.5mm connectors
Canon 60E3 3.5mm male-female extension Cable connectors (DIY)
  • The Canon 80N3 and the Nikon cables are about 1-foot long and may be coiled or straight, depending on what we can get from our suppliers. The stereo plug is 2.5mm, and a 2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo adapter is included for connection to a trigger box. A 6-foot extension cable may be purchased for just $1.95 more.
  • The Canon 60E3 cable is 6 feet long with 2.5mm and 3.5mm plugs.
  • DIY option: If you want to use a shutter release cable that you already own rather than buying one of ours, you can just get the 3.5mm male and female stereo connectors and follow these instructions.

Shutter cable option


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