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Electronic Guidebook for High-Speed Flash Photography

revised 12-00

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Appendix A.  Complete Equipment List for the Activities


This list includes all equipment for the activities. Each item is linked to the activity in which the item is first used.


Flash equipment

2 Vivitar 283 (or 285) flash units 
8 AA batteries or 2 SB-4 AC adapters for flash power 
PC cord for flash unit 
2 Flash-to-trigger cords 
2 Flash clamps (click here for a variety of mounting accessories)
100-kW variable resistor to replace Vivitar 283 auto-thyristor module 



2 Piezoelectric sound triggers 
Tape recorder sound trigger 
Transistor-triggered photogate with interrupter 
Transistor-triggered photogate with U-style gate 
Schmitt-triggered photogate 
Delay circuit with capacitor selection 
Contact trigger 
Cord or wires to connect delay circuit to photogate 
NPN phototransistor 


Photographic equipment

SLR Camera
Background cloth or paper


Measurement equipment

Clip clock 
Electronic stroboscope 
Meter stick 


Tools and hardware

120-V AC extension cord 
Jeweler's screwdriver (flathead)
Ring stands and clamps 


Special supplies and equipment

Balloons and pins 
9-V batteries for triggers 
Tennis ball or racquetball and racket 
Large cloth sheet or blanket 
Large pad or mattress 
Football and tee 
1-2 m long hookup wires 
Aluminum foil 
Large rubber band or elastic cord 
Bimetallic discs 
Soft, plastic ball 
Water balloons 
Rubber bands 
Small ball 
Water pail 
2 wood blocks 



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