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Electronic Guidebook for High-Speed Flash Photography

revised 12-00

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Table of Contents

Title Page
Essential Components of a High-Speed Flash Photography System


Section I.  Electronic Flash and Sound Triggers 

Activity 1.  Getting acquainted with the flash unit
Activity 2.  Controlling flash duration
Activity 3.  Measuring flash duration
Activity 4.  Triggering the flash unit with sound


Section II.  Photographic Techniques

Activity 5.  Photographing bursting balloons
Activity 6.  Photographing the smash of a tennis ball or racquetball
Activity 7.  Using a contact trigger to capture a football kick
Activity 8.  Photographing waveforms on an elastic band


Section III.  Photogate Triggers and Delay Units

Activity 9.   Using an interrupter photogate to observe a plucked cord
Activity 10.  Capturing vertical jumps with a photogate
Activity 11.  Using an electronic delay with a contact trigger
Activity 12.  Plucked cords and rubber bands
Activity 13.  Photographing splashes
Activity 14.  Using an auxiliary flash unit


Section IV.  Measuring High Speeds and Small Time Intervals

Activity 15.  Speed of sound
Activity 16.  Speed of a balloon rip



Appendix A.  Complete equipment list for the activities
Appendix B.  Flash accessories
Appendix C.  Photographic basics
Appendix D.  Using Polaroid cameras
Appendix E.  Making a contact trigger
Appendix F.  Problems in high-speed measurement


PDF Documents

A Tutorial in High-Speed Photography with Electronic Flash
Flash Photograph with a Pinhole Camera
Using the Vivitar 283's Light Sensor Socket
Data sheet for flash photography (pdf or rtf)


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