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The WorkShop


About Our Products


If this is your first time shopping with us, you may find the following information helpful.  Otherwise, select from the left-hand menu to order.



What we sell: We sell kits of electronic parts for building a variety of triggers to activate electronic flash units and cameras automatically.


We also sell individual components (semiconductors, optoelectronic components, resistors, capacitors) used in our kits. If there's a component you need that isn't listed, just contact us to inquire about availability. We also have additional cable lengths in order to provide greater extensions for photogate and flash unit.


How much electronics experience is needed? You don't need to understand electronics such as how transistors and integrated circuits work, but you do need to know the basics of how electrical circuits work and have some experience in wiring and soldering circuit components. We provide online instructions with high-resolution photos showing the circuits step-by-step as they're being built.


Official PayPal SealHow to order and pay for your purchase

You can purchase kits online using our PayPal shopping cart feature and a credit card or bank draft. Payment in US currency is required. If you prefer to send payment by mail, contact us first to let us know what you want.


Shipping and handling

Shipping address: Before ordering, please check that your address in PayPal is current to make sure that your order is shipped to the correct address.


US Customers:

During PayPal checkout, you can select either USPS Priority mail or USPS Express shipping and handling.


International customers:


Our shipping methods are USPS First Class International,* USPS Priority International, USPS Priority International Flat-rate, and USPS Priority Express.


When we ship your items, we attach a Customs form and in some cases an invoice as required by postal regulations. On the Customs form, we identify the contents as merchandise. We don't honor requests to list the contents as a gift. This would put both the customer and us in violation of postal regulations of both the US and the destination country.


Payment of duty, value-added taxes, and handling that are assessed by the destination country are the responsibility of the customer. Many countries have a threshold value for commercial shipments below which taxes and handling charges are not assessed. Check your own country's Customs regulations for this information.


In the event that you think a shipment is lost, check with your Customs office to find out if they're holding the package for payment of taxes. If not, contact us. We can initiate an official request to the US Postal Service to locate the package. Once we make the request, it can take several weeks to receive an answer. At that time, if the USPS has determined that the package is lost, we can initiate a claim and refund your purchase.


*USPS First Class isn't available as a checkout option; however, you may contact us for the availability of this shipping method.


Customer Service

If you have question about an order, contact us. If you're having trouble getting a circuit to work, we'll do our best to help you troubleshoot via email exchange. If that doesn't solve the problem, you may send the circuit to us, and we'll get it working for a fee plus shipping and handling both directions.



Returns must be requested within 30 days of the day the shipment is delivered. We can take returns on unopened kits. We can take returns on circuits that we assemble for you as long as the circuits are in good condition. There may be a restocking charge. We don't refund shipping and handling charges unless the merchandise is faulty. Contact us for return instructions.


Privacy Policy

When you order through the PayPal shopping cart, the PayPal privacy policy covers that transaction. (From the PayPal home page, click the Privacy link at the bottom of the page.)  When you correspond with via email, your email address and any personal information you provide is kept private.

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