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Assembly and Operating Instructions for Kits


Parts for the AstroSplash Drop Controller Kit (ADC)


Assembly instructions for other kits


Parts Guide (ADC)


last update: June 26, 2015


Below is a list of the parts supplied with the AstroSplash Drop Controller Kit. Click on the photos for larger images.


Resistors (fixed value)

Potentiometers (variable)



ICs, etc

Other PCB-mount parts

Panel-mount parts

Connectors, cable, and wire


We may occasionally make changes to the parts list without notice in order to improve the product.



Location Name or Value Quantity


color code,

number on part,

or product code

    PC board 1 PCB   main board for the AstroSplash circuitry

Resistors (fixed value)

Click here for replacement parts.

R15 PCB 100 Ω 1 100 ohm resistor brown-black-brown  
R20-23 PCB 680 Ω 4 680 ohm resistor blue-gray-brown  
R16,17 PCB 1 kΩ 2 1k resistor brown-black-red  


Lid 1 kΩ 2  
R2,5,6,9,10,13 PCB 22 kΩ 6 22k resistor red-red-orange  
R3,4,7,8,11,12 PCB 47 kΩ 6 47k resistor yellow-violet-orange  
R1,14 PCB 1 MΩ 2 1M resistor brown-black-green  
Potentiometers (variable)

Click here for replacement parts.

Pa,Pc,Pe Lid 1 MΩ max 3 linear taper pot LP1M adjusts TIME ON for the pulses
Pb,Pd 2 adjusts TIME OFF for the pulses
Knob Lid Pointer knob 5 knobor knob PK  


Click here for replacement parts.

C1,4,7,10,13 PCB 0.0047 μf 5 0.0047-uf capacitor 472 This and other disc capacitors do not have polarity.
C3,5,9,11,15,16 PCB 0.047 μf 6 0.047-uf capacitor 473  



PCB 0.1 μf 8 0.1-uf capacitor 104 or 104Z  
C17,BC1 PCB 4.7 μf 2 4.7-uf capacitor   Views from two sides are shown. The shorter leg is negative and is also marked with the light blue band.
D1,2,3 PCB 1N4001 3 Diode 1N4001 The silver (gray) band is oriented nearest the positive side of the circuit.
D4 PCB 1N4004 1 1N4004
D5 Lid 1N4004 1 1N4004

ICs, etc

Click here for replacement parts.



1 Power mosfet IRL620

drives the load (valves)

G = Gate / D = Drain / S = Source

U1,2,3 PCB 14-pin socket for 556 timer IC 3 14-pin socket 14PS

556 timer pins

Note the location of pin 1 relative to the notch on the IC.

556 timer IC 3 556 timer NE556N

16-pin socket for quad


1 16-pin socket  

556 timer pins

A white dot on the IC marks the location of pin 1.

Quad optocoupler 1 556 timer PS2501-4

Other PCB-mount parts

Fuse PCB Fuse holder 1 Fuse holder    
2A fuse 1 Fuse   maximun 2A rating

Panel Mount Parts

Click here for replacement parts.



Large project box

6.0" x 3.5" x 1.875"

1 project box PB-L  
Label Lid

Printed label for the lid

with laminating sheet

1 label lid   The label is sandwiched between sheets of adhesive laminating media.


for lid holes

Lid Paper template 1 drilling template   provides a template for drilling holes into the lid for the components

1/4" dia wooden dowels


plastic tubing

4 in

wooden dowels



poly tube


The 1/4" dowels or tubing may be used to help position the label on the lid for gluing.

(If your kit has tubing, you may need to cut it into 4 sections.)

Number labels Lid   1 project box   These are temporary labels to help in wiring the PCB to the lid.


Lid Toggle switch 3 SPDT switch (red) SW2 One switch is for power to the box and the other two are for Pulse 2 and Pulse 3
PB1 Lid Momentary push button 2 pushbutton switch PBO

The push button on the lid is used to hold the valve open to clear the air from the water channel.

The other push button is used on the trigger cable.




PJ LidLid Power jack 1 AC/DC jack PJ

One jack is used for the 12V power input, and the other three are used for output to the valves.

Lugs 2 and 3 are connected to (-) and (+) respectively.

Lug 2 isn't connected.

VALVE1,2,3 3
TRIG Lid 3.5mm mono jack 1
3.5mm mono panel jack mono jack gray
cream gray

These jacks are for the trigger cable and the auxiliary outputs.Lugs 1 and 3 and connected to (-) and (+) respectively.

Lug 2 isn't connected. (There are both cream colored and gray versions, but they have the same function.)

AUX1,2 2
CAM Lid 3.5mm stereo jack 1 3.5mm stereo panel jack 35SJ The stereo jack is used for the camera port. Lug 1 is common, lug 2 is focus, and lug 3 is shutter.
TEST Lid BNC jack 1 3.5mm stereo panel jack BNC provides the pulse waveform output to a scope
LED1-4 Lid LED holder 4 LED holder LED-M

One LED is the power on indicator. The other three flash to indicate the production of one of the three pulses.

Red LED 4 red LED RLED


and bolts



1" Standoffs 4 Standoffs   used to bolt the PC board to the lid
4-40 bolts, 1/4" long 8 Bolts

Connectors, Cables, and Wire

Click here for replacement cable and wire and here for replacement connectors.

Mono plug



3.5mm male, mono


1 3.5mm mono plug 35MP used to connect the trigger cable to the box





22-ga stranded cable

5 ft 2-conductor cable   used for the trigger cable and for wiring of the power circuit in the box


Hook up wire 10 ft hookup wire   five 2-ft lengths of each of 5 colors for wiring the interior of the box




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