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Assembly and Operating Instructions for Kits


Operation of the Opto Switch 2 (COS2)


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The purpose of the Opto Switch 2 is to extend the capabilities of triggers such as the Delay Timer and the Multi-Trigger 3 The Opto Switch 2 is a replacement for the Camera OptoSwitch. The Opto Switch 2 provides two optically-isolated outputs to trigger cameras or flash units on the reception of a 9-V signal at the Input.


Powering the unit

The Opto Switch 2 does not have its own power source. Instead, the power is provided by a pulse output from another trigger such as a Delay Timer or Multi-Trigger 3.



In operation, simply connect a pulse output from one of the aforementioned triggers to the Input of the Opto Switch 2 as shown in Photo 1.* Connect a camera to either Cam 1 or Cam 2 using the shutter cable for the camera. That's all it takes. When a trigger pulse is received at the Input, the camera shutter will be actuated immediately.


*An RCA cable is provided with the kit for this purpose. See Photo 2. An adapter to convert a 3.5mm jack to RCA is also provided to be used as needed. See Photo 3. If connecting to a breadboard circuit such as the Multi-Trigger Breadboard, use the adapter shown in Photo 5.



  • Two cameras can be connected at the same time to Cam 1 and Cam 2. On the reception of a signal at the Input, both cameras will be actuated at the same time.
  • A flash unit can be connected to either Cam 1 or Cam 2 as long as the voltage of the flash synch circuit is less than 80 V.
  • A Cam output can be used to trigger any another device that requires a switch input.
  • Opto Switch 2 units can be chained in order to trigger additional devices. In order to chain two units, simply connect the Chain jack of the first unit to the Input jack of the second. An RCA cable is required. See Photo 4.
RCA cable RCA female to 3.5mm mono male adapter
Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5



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