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Assembly and Operating Instructions for Kits


Parts for the Opto Switch 2 Kit (COS2)


Assembly instructions for other kits


Below is a list of the parts provided for the Opto Switch 2 box and trigger cable. Click on the photos for larger images.


We may occasionally make changes to the parts list without notice in order to improve the product.


Name / Description Quantity Photo Notes

Small project box


1 small project box  
Drilling template for box lid 1 drilling template

A paper template sized for the lid of the project box is provided in order to obtain the correct placement of holes for the components.

Printed label for the lid

with laminating sheet

1 Lid label

The label is sandwiched between sheets of adhesive laminating media. (Laminating sheets included but not shown.)

1/4-in plastic tubing 2 in poly tube Used to align the label with the lid
3.5mm stereo panel jack 2 3.5mm stereo panel jack Jacks for shutter cables

RCA panel jack

2 RCA panel jack Jacks for input and chain ports
680-ohm resistor 4 680-ohm resistor  
Hook up wire

6 in red, white, blue, green, yellow

hookup wire


16-pin socket 1 16-pin socket Used for the optocoupler
Quad optocoupler 1 Quad optocoupler Provides electrical isolation for the camera.
PC board 1 PC board Seat for the optoisolator and resistors
RCA cable (male-to-male) 1 RCA cable Used to connect to the input
RCA female to 3.5mm mono male adapter 1 RCA female to 3.5mm mono male adapter Used if necessary to convert plug to 3.5mm male
RCA female connector 1 RCA female connector, red This connector and additional lengths of black and red hook up wire are provided with the add on kit for using the Opto Switch with a Multi-Trigger Breadboard.




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