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Parts for the Camera Opto-Switch Kit (Build 4)


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Parts Guide for Opto-Switch (Build 4)


Below is a list of the parts provided for the Camera Opto-Switch box and trigger cable.


Click on the photos for larger images.


Name Photo Quantity Function

Small project box


small project box 1  
Template for box lid small project box 1 A paper template sized for the lid of the project box is provided in order to obtain the correct placement of holes for the components.
Project box labels     Stick on labels are provided in a strip to identify the components on the project box.
Toggle switch SPST switch 2 For FOCUS and SHUTTER operations
Pushbutton, momentary, normally open momentary pushbutton 1 Used a test button for the camera shutter
3.5mm stereo panel jack 3.5mm stereo panel jack 1 Used as a receptacle for the shutter cable.

RCA panel jack

RCA panel jack 1 Used as the jack for the output cable from the trigger circuit.
100-ohm resistor 100-ohm resistor 1  
Hook up wire hookup wire 6 inches each color


8-pin socket 8-pin socket 1 Used for the optocoupler.
Optocoupler PS2501 optoisolator 1 Provides electrical isolation for the camera.
PC board PC board 1 Seat for the optoisolator
RCA cable (male-to-male) RCA cable 1 Used for the output (trigger) cable
RCA connector, female RCA plug 1 Used in making an adapter cable for connection of the Opto-Switch to a breadboard




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