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Assembly and Operating Instructions for Kits


Parts for the Dual Light Sensor (DLS)


Assembly instructions for other kits


Below is a list of the parts supplied with the Dual Light Sensor kit. Click on the photos for larger images.


We may occasionally make changes to the parts list without notice in order to improve the product.


Name/Description Quantity


PC board 1 PCB


PCB-mount parts

470-Ω resistor 2

470-ohm resistor


680-Ω resistor 2

680 ohm resistor


1-kΩ resistor 3

1k resistor


0.01 μf 1 0.01-uf capacitor 103
0.1 μf 1 0.1-uf capacitor 104

Silicon-controlled rectifier


1 EC103D SCR

SCR pins

C = cathode (-)

G = gate

A = anode (+)

IC555 timer IC

1 556 timer

555 timer pins

Note the location of pin 1 relative to the notch on the IC.

2-stage optocoupler


1 PS2501-2

PS2501-2 pins

A white dot on the IC marks the location of pin 1.

8-pin socket 2 8-pin socket  
Fuse holder 1 Fuse holder  
1A fuse 1 Fuse  

Panel-mount parts

Medium project box

4.875" long x 2.5" wide x 1.5" deep
(12.4x6.4x3.8 cm)

1 project box  
Label 1 label

Printed label for the lid including 2 laminating sheets for front and back

Drilling template 1 template Paper template for the placement of holes for the components
1/4-in plastic tubing 2 in poly tube Used to align the label with the lid
3/4-in standoffs 4 Standoffs  
1/4-in 4-40 bolts 8 Bolts  


red LED The shorter leg is negative. This is also the leg nearest the flat on the lip of the case.
LED holder 2 LED holder  

Toggle switch


1 SPDT switch (red) On-off switch for power

Triple-throw, double throw

switch (TPDT)

1 label Mode switch (has 9 lugs)
Panel jack for AC/DC adapter 1 AC/DC jack Receptacle for AC/DC adapter as an alternate power source
RCA panel jack 1 RCA panel jack  
3.5mm mono panel jack 3 3.5mm mono panel jack Sensor and output jacks
3.5mm stereo panel jack 1 3.5mm stereo panel jack Ouptut jack for camera
100 kΩ pot 1 linear taper pot  
Pointer knob 1 knob  
Infrared emitter 1 Infrared LED The longer leg is positive. The flat on the lip is nearer the shorter leg.
Infrared phototransistor 1 Infrared phototransistor The shorter leg is positive. The flat on the lip is nearer the shorter leg.

9-V battery holder

(includes hook and loop tape)

1 laydown battery holder  

3/32-in and 3/16-in

heat-shrink tubing

6 in ea heat-shrink tubing  
3.5mm mono male connector 2 3.5mm stereo plug  
2-conductor shielded cable 4 ft shielded cable  
Lengths of various colors of hook up wire are also included.





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