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Preparing the microphone cable for breadboard connections


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piezo disc top

Top view

piezo disc bottom

Bottom view

What you need


Use these instructions if your piezo disc is the type shown to the left. This disc has three pins on the bottom labeled G, F, and M.In addition to the disc, here's what you'll need for the microphone cable:

  • 1-ft length of 2-conductor cable
  • 2 breadboard pins
  • 3 inch of 3/32-in heat-shrink tubing

stripping wires

Photo 2

Stripping the cable


From one end of the gray 2-conductor cable, strip the gray insulation back 1.5 - 2 in. Then strip each of the red and black wires 1/2 in. Cut 2 sections of heat-shrink tubing 0.5-in long each.. Slip one section onto each of the red and black wires. The result is shown in Photo 2.

piezo disc connections (unsoldered)

Photo 3

Connecting the wires


Twist the red wire of the piezo disc around the pin labeled M on the piezo disc, and twist the black wire around the pin labeled G. There will be no connection to the pin labeled F. See Photo 3.

piezo disc connections (soldered)

Photo 4

Soldering the connections


Solder the two connections. Photo 4 shows the result.

piezo disc connections (completed)

Photo 5

Shrinking the heat-shrink tubing


Slip the heat-shrink tubing down over the soldered connections. Then run a lighter or match flame near the tubing to shrink it but not so close as to melt the housing of the piezo disc. See Photo 5.

breadboard pins

Photo 6

Adding the breadboard pins


The breadboard pins will be added to the free end of the gray cable. Note that the colors of the pins will not necessarily be red and black in your kit. However, we'll refer to the pins as red and black in the instructions below.

all conductors stripped

Photo 7

Stripping the conductors


On the free end of the gray 2-conductor cable, strip back the gray insulation by 1 inch. Then strip back each conductor by 3/4 inch.


Strip 3/4 inch of insulation from each of the breadboard pins.

twisting the free ends together

Photo 8

Spicing the free ends together

Twist the red conductors and the black conductors together. Then solder each splice. The result is shown in Photo 8.

adding heat-shrink tubing

Photo 9

Adding the heat-shrink tubing


Cut the remaining heat-shrink tubing into two 1-inch pieces. Slip the pieces over the soldered connections. Heat the tubing with a lighter or match to shrink it around the connection. See Photo 9.

Microphone cable for breadboard

Photo 10

The completed cable


Photo 10 shows the completed cable ready for insertion into the breadboard.


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