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Assembly and Operating Instructions for Kits


Parts for the Sound Trigger 2 Kit (ST2)


Assembly instructions for other kits



Below is a list of the parts supplied with the Sound Trigger 2 kit. Click on the photos for larger images.


We may occasionally make changes to the parts list without notice in order to improve the product.


Name/Description Quantity


PC board 1 PCB  
1-kΩ resistor 2

1k resistor


5.1-kΩ resistor 1

5.1k resistor


100-kΩ resistor 1

100k resistor



Silicon-controlled rectifier


1 EC103D SCR

SCR pins

C = cathode (-)

G = gate

A = anode (+)

NPN transistor


1 2N2222 transistor

transistor pins

E = emitter (-)

B = base

C = collector (+)

Piezo disc


piezo disc deep  

Small project box with screws for lid

1 project box

bottom of box has predrilled holes

Printed label for the lid (includes 2 laminating sheets for front and back)

1 lid label  
Printed template 1 lid label

template is for the underside of the lid of the project box

Toggle switch 1 SPDT switch (red)  
Red LED 1 red LED  
LED holder 1 LED holder  
RCA panel jack 1 RCA panel jack  

9-V battery holder

(includes hook and loop tape)

1 laydown battery holder  
3/4-in standoffs 4 Standoffs  
1/4-in 4-40 bolts 8 Bolts  
1/4-in plastic tubing 2 in poly tube  
Lengths of various colors of hook up wire are also included.



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