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Breadboard Kits, unassembled


This item is out-of-stock for the indefinite future as the potentiometers are no longer available.


Multi-Trigger on Breadboard

Multi-Trigger Breadboard with microphone connected

(assembly required)

The Multi-Trigger Breadboard is three triggers in one: sound trigger, photogate, and delay timer. Think of this kit as the breadboard version of the Multi-Trigger 3+ at less than a third of the price. The breadboard version minimizes the use of soldering and provides the flexibility of hacking the circuit quickly if you want to make changes. Keep in mind, though, that a breadboard isn't as rugged as a boxed trigger. Therefore, you need to be willing to troubleshoot occasional loose wires and components.

Variable-width photogate

Variable-width photogate cable

(assembly required)


The Multi-Trigger Breadboard kit includes a breadboard and all the parts for the three modules: sound trigger, photogate, and delay timer. Parts for the variable-width photogate cable shown above are included. (For an interrupter-type cable, see this page.) You can check out the parts list to see what's included. We provide step-by-step, illustrated assembly instructions and operation manual.


The assembly instructions assume that you're using our breadboard; however, we provide the option to purchase the parts without the breadboard if you have one of your own. If you include a breadboard, which we recommend, we provide options to purchase the sound trigger, photogate, and delay timer modules individually or in combination at lower prices than purchasing the modules and breadboard individually.


A flash trigger cable is needed to trigger a flash unit, unless you're using wireless triggering. The flash trigger cable kit is additional and should be selected with your purchase of a trigger kit. If you want to trigger a camera shutter, you'll need the Opto Switch 2.


Flash trigger cable kit (for breadboards)

This kit is for connecting an output of a breadboard trigger to a flash unit having a PC jack. If your flash unit doesn't have a PC jack but does have a hot shoe, you'll need the PC cable kit/hot shoe adapter combination. Note that the combination is $1 less than buying the kit and adapter separately.


The flash trigger cable kit includes a connector for the PC jack, 3-ft of 2-conductor cable, heat-shrink tubing, and pins for easy insertion into the breadboard. Assembly is required.

PC flash trigger cord Hot shoe adapter

PC cable kit - $4.95

(parts above, assembled below)

Hot shoe adapter (above) - $10.00

Extra breadboard pins, pair, colors variable (below) - $1.00

PC cord for breadboard breadboard pins
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