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Light-Activated Trigger - Delay Unit Package, unassembled



This kit has been discontinued. See updated options on this page.


This package includes the parts to build a light-activated trigger with an electronic delay unit. There is a $1.00 discount from the price of both kits purchased separately. There is an additional $1.00 discount for purchasing the combination with a breadboard.


This trigger operates the reverse of our photogate kits. The output of the light-activated trigger is switched on when light shines on the detector. A laser pointer works particularly well as a light source, since the phototransistor is sensitive to visible light and has a narrow angle of view. The circuit is powered with a 9-V battery or AC/DC adapter (not included).


Cords to connect the breadboard circuit to a flash unit or camera are not included.

The kit includes 3 feet of 2-conductor cable that can be used to extend the phototransistor away from the breadboard. When built on a breadboard, the completed circuit will look similar to that shown above. Click on the photo for a larger view. For descriptions of the individual light-activated trigger and delay unit kits, go to these links: 


LAT kitDU electronic delay kit



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