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Accessories for the Multi-Trigger 2


The Multi-Trigger 2 has been superceded by the Multi-Trigger 3.


Output extender kit

This accessory kit for the Multi-Trigger 2 includes additional components for the PC board and a strip of 4 RCA jacks in order to install switch outputs for high-voltage flash units and low-voltage outputs to control devices such as LEDs and low-current relays. A template is provided for marking the placement of holes to drill in the project box.

Output Extender Kit for Multi-Trigger 2

An assembled Multi-Trigger 2 control box with an output extender strip is shown to the right. The extender kit provides the following:

  • instant and delayed switch outputs for high-voltage flash
  • low-voltage (7.5 V) pulse outputs that can be used to actuate flash units requiring a trigger pulse. These outputs can also actuate LEDs, low-current relays, and other devices.

Multi-Trigger 2 control box

Here are the assembly instructions and parts list. (The current build is Build 3.)



9-V AC/DC adapter100-240 VAC to 9VDC Adapter

This AC/DC wall adapter provides a substitute for a 9V battery to power many of your circuits. The adapter accepts 100-240V input voltage at 50-60 Hz; output is a regulated 9 VDC. The power rating is 10 W. The AC plug is a standard 2-pin non-polarized US plug. An adapter may be needed for some countries.


$14.95 - 100-240 VAC to 9 VDC adapter - A9V



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