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PCB for Multi-Trigger Kit, unassembled


Product discontinued

MT-PCB completeThe PC board for the Multi-Trigger Kit is the quickest way to build the Multi-Trigger circuit on a PC board, since the circuit is complete without a project-box enclosure.


The PC board shown to the right has dimensions of 3.00 x 4.25 in. (7.60 x 10.85 cm). Assembly is required. In addition to the board and components shown, all parts are included for a microphone cable, two types of photogate cables, and an external input cable. Click here for the complete parts list.


This version of the Multi-Trigger PCB kit is a significant upgrade from version 2. The following are new features:

  • power switch and power-on indicator LED
  • jack for optional AC/DC adapter
  • jacks for microphone, photogate, and external input cables
  • test button
  • one additional output jack (for a total of five outputs)

More information on the features is provided here.

What else is needed

  • The cable to connect to your flash isn't included, since that will vary depending on your equipment. Select a cable kit from the those listed below.
  • In order to trigger a camera, you also need a Camera Opto-Switch.
Flash trigger cable kits (RCA type)

These cables are for connecting outputs of an SK3 Sound Trigger or MT-PCB3 PCB for Multi-Trigger to a flash unit or Camera Opto-Switch. The flash trigger cable kits include a connector for the flash, an RCA plug, 3-ft of 2-conductor cable, and heat-shrink tubing. Assembly is required.

PC flash trigger cord Hot shoe adapter Flash trigger cord for Vivitar 283

PC cable kit - $4.95

(parts above, assembled below)

Hot shoe adapter (above) - $10.00

RCA to 3.5mm adapter (below) - $0.50

Vivitar cable kit - $14.95

(parts above, assembled below)

PC flash trigger cord Hot shoe adapter Trigger cord for Vivitar 283/285
  • If your flash unit has a PC jack, select the PC cable kit.
  • If your flash unit doesn't have a PC jack but can be triggered through a hot shoe adapter, select both the PC cable kit and the hot shoe adapter. The latter has a jack for the PC cable.
  • If your flash unit is one of the Vivitar models 283, 285HV, or 3700, select the Vivitar cable kit.
  • If you want to convert an RCA plug to the 3.5mm type, select the RCA to 3.5mm adapter.
Select cable option


If using the MT-PCB3 for extended periods of time, we recommend powering the unit with the optional AC/DC adapter.


9-V AC/DC adapter100-240 VAC to 9VDC Adapter

This AC/DC wall adapter provides a substitute for a 9V battery to power many of your circuits. The adapter accepts 100-240V input voltage at 50-60 Hz; output is a regulated 9 VDC. The power rating is 10 W. The AC plug is a standard 2-pin non-polarized US plug. An adapter may be needed for some countries.


$14.95 - 100-240 VAC to 9 VDC adapter - A9V

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