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Books and Electronic Media 

Title Author Publisher

Technical Books

High Speed Photography and Photonics ed. by Sidney F. Ray Focal Press
Schlieren and Shadowgraph Techniques Gary S. Settles Springer-Verlag
Electronic Flash, Strobe Harold E. Edgerton MIT Press, Cambridge, 1983
The Kodak Workshop Series: Electronic Flash Lester Lefkowitz Eastman Kodak, Rochester, 1986
How to select and use Electronic Flash James Bailey HP Books, Tucson, 1983

Photo Books

Moments of Vision: The Stroboscopic Revolution in Photography H.E. Edgerton and 
J.R. Killian, Jr.
MIT Press, Cambridge, 1985
Stopping Time Estelle Jussim 
and Gus Kayafas
Abrams, New York, 1987
Borne on the Wind Stephen Dalton E.P. Dutton & Co., NY, 1975
Secret Visions Stephen Dalton Salem House, Topsfield, MA,  1988
Secret Worlds Stephen Dalton Firefly Books, 1999
Split Second Stephen Dalton Salem House, Salem, NH, 1984


The Human Figure in Motion Eadweard Muybridge Dover Publications, 1955
A Study of Splashes A. M. Worthington Macmillan, NY, 1963


The History of Photography Beaumont Newhall Museum of Modern Art, 1964
The Photographic Flash Pierre Bron and 
Philip L. Condax
Bron Elektronik AG, 1998

Electronic Media

Exploring the Art and Science
of Stopping Time
James Sheldon MIT Press, 1999
Hidden by Time (video cassette/videodisc) Physics Curriculum 
& Instruction
Lakeville, MN, 1995

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