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The Flash Unit:  Accessories


The flash unit, being triggered by a remote circuit such as those described previously, is independent of the camera. Therefore, the unit need not be mounted on the camera. (If the unit is mounted on the camera and the camera has a hot shoe, the shoe contacts must be covered with insulating tape. Otherwise, the camera will initiate the discharge, thus bypassing the remote trigger.) In many instances, one could simply prop up the flash unit in the desired location using books or  blocks or whatever is convenient. For greater versatility and convenience in adjusting the flash position, a variety of brackets are available. The photograph below shows several. Look for them in photo stores or catalog outlets. Click on a letter for a brief description.

HSPEQP14.JPG (29898 bytes)

HSPEQP23.JPG (6967 bytes)Item A:  The flexible legs on this mini-tripod make it easy to adjust the tilt of the flash. An accessory flash shoe (see item C) would be screwed onto the 1/4" tripod bolt for mounting the flash unit. The disadvantage of this tripod is that it tips over easily when a flash is mounted on it. (A photo showing the flash mounted on the tripod is shown to the right.) It would be a good idea to tape the legs in place when actually in use.


Item B:  This 1/4" tripod bolt is designed to fit over the top of a 1/2" light stand. An accessory flash shoe (item C) would then be screwed onto the bolt for mounting the flash unit.


HSPEQP36.JPG (2772 bytes)Item C:  This accessory flash shoe has 1/4" threads in the base suitable for screwing onto a standard 1/4" tripod bolt. A closeup of the shoe is shown to the left.


Item D:  This small table clamp has a ball-and-swivel joint with a 1/4" tripod bolt.  An accessory flash shoe (C) would be screwed onto the bolt for mounting the flash unit.


HSPEQP25.JPG (7930 bytes)Item E:  This handy spring-action clamp has a flash shoe mounted on a ball-and-socket joint for tilting the flash through many angles. This is probably the most useful of all the accessories described here. However, it may not be possible to locate a source for these easily. If not, another option is to make your own. An example is shown to the right. For this, you need a spring-action clamp. These are available in several different sizes at hardware stores. You also need a ball-and-socket head with 1/4" tripod bolt (for a flash accessory shoe, item C) and a 1/4" standard tripod thread in its base. The latter makes it possible to bolt the ball-and-socket head onto a handle of the clamp.  The ball-and-socket is available in many photo stores. 


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